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Nature's sweetness, conveniently packaged!

Honey Sticks

Savor the sweetness on-the-go with our Honey Sticks – Pure, portable, and bursting with natural goodness. Conveniently packaged for a quick energy boost, sweetening beverages, or a wholesome treat. Experience the richness of pure honey, anytime, anywhere. Discover the joy of nature's sweetness with our irresistible Honey Sticks. Order now for a delightful twist to your daily routine!


Elevate your wellness with purity in every jar

Bee Pollen

Discover the pinnacle of natural goodness with our Three 8 oz jars of high mountain, pesticide-free Bee Pollen. Sourced from pristine mountain environments, each jar is a testament to quality and purity. Elevate your well-being with this golden treasure, carefully harvested and processed to deliver untainted nutrition. Immerse yourself in the health benefits of Bee Pollen, knowing you've chosen the finest, pesticide-free option.

  • Who is Mike?

    I started beekeeping in the sixties, up in Sacramento, California.  ​And, I studied bee biology under Harry H. Laidlaw at UC Davis at their Honey Bee Research Facility.

  • Flavor

    Each Honey Has its Own Flavor, Aroma, Color and Texture, ​Distinctive to the Flowers the Bees Visited.

  • Production

    Our honey is extracted and bottled in a State of California Certified Food Processing Facility.

  • Swappa

    Great service at good prices. Bought a few stuff and have never been disappointed.

  • Mjan

    Item exactly as described, very quick to ship, and good communication from seller.

  • Bellacarius

    I would recommend them and the company without any reservation.

Our Mission

is to exceed your expectations by providing you with the finest honey products on the market.